Tentmaker Ministries

Matthew 28:19-20, in pursuit of the Great Commission


Tentmaker Ministries is currently involved with short-term, local mission trips with an emphasis on servant evangelism.

The future, however, is bright. The vision is to run a mission program, called "Gap Year Missions," where recent high school graduates (and other young adults) spend approximately two and a half months in missions training (conducted by the International College for Christian Studies), and then spend the next year on a full-time mission trip. Initially, these mission trips will be domestic, and eventually throughout the international community. Missionaries will be accompanied by a companion missionary. 

The concept is that these young adults will be assigned to a local church, and their primary job will be to develop and/or increase the youth and young adult programs at the local church to which they are assigned. Missionaries will live with a local family in a similar manner to the foreign exchange student program.

This program will take time to develop and be expensive to implement. The primary funding for this program will come in the form of individual donations and corporate donations from the Christian Business Association.

Missionaries will receive a small monthly stipend for personal incidentals, but their room and board will be covered by the host family.